Monday, 2 December 2013



The Story

Philosophy was founded on the principle that purchasing great eyewear should be easy, affordable and fun. At we believe that browsing new styles of authentic eyewear should be uncomplicated. At we aim to please, our priority is to ensure that ALL our customers have an unrivaled buying experience. From click to ship, we want you happy. always stands behind the authenticity of our products. All of our products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.
There is no need to walk into an optical store again. Order your glass - try them on – if you don’t like them, no worry send them back free, no questions asked.


Like most great buiness ideas was created out of a frustrating online buying experience (sunglasses). Not one purchase from what seemed to be "reputable" companies went smoothly.  In addition every site we visited has tons a ads steering us in fifty differnt directions, I simply wanted a pair of aviator! we thought, its pretty simple provide great authentic product at a reasonable price with amazing customer service and you know what throw in free two way shipping (why not?),  thats it! was founded from one of the leading eye-wear distributors in the United States. With over 30 Years of experience, combined the keen eye on style with flawless trade expertise. EVERYTHING we sell is manufacturer direct, so you never have to worry about authenticity or origin.


At all our squad is trained in our customer culture. Every customer service team member is comprehensively trained and has intimate and broad knowledge across all styles, features & disciplines. At all team members and executives are all on the same floor, sitting side by side combining knowledge, experience and teamwork to deliver an unparalleled shopping experience

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